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Do you ever wonder what your options are for having a logo created? Does the thought of you being able to manage your own website mystify you? Both great questions!

Seller Keys outlines what you can expect from these two primary tasks.

Also included, a checklist of the basics you need on your website to sell online.

Setting Up Your First Business?

Seller Keys is a FREE simple pdf guide that provides an overview of the following:

light green bird flying rightHow to approach the logo creation process

light green bird flying rightTips on how to start your first DIY website

light green bird flying rightChecklist of items needed for your website

Starting to sell your services for the first time can be nerve-wracking. There are a lot of things to consider plus, seeing yourself as a “business owner” or “seller” is a mindset game of its own!

Not sure if you’re legit enough to sell? My guess is you….

saw a need

knew how to help

and created solutions

If that’s true, we should definitely get you moving to the next step so you continue to help others. If you’re feeling stuck at your logo or website or, requirements you need to be a seller online, check out this guide. If you don’t need help with this step, great to hear! Keep moving forward. 

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Hi, I’m Diana Donaldson, owner of I’m so glad you found this page and sincerely hope your guide helps you move to the next step in your process. I have trained new business owners in these early stages of their businesses since 2006 and love seeing new businesses launch! I have enjoyed developing these simple training resources for clients and am excited to now offer them to a wider community.

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How to Find a Logo Designer
Find a logo designer for your new business without drowning in internet search results

I will bring you in on an essential action in your new business planning phase: hire a logo designer or—depending on your preference—a design agency. Many new business owners prefer the devotion of an independent designer and will therefore focus on that option here. There is only one problem: figuring out how to actually connect with a custom logo designer can be daunting.

If you’ve ever typed “logo design” into any search engine, or “custom logo design” for that matter, here’s what you likely get:

  • Services selling cheap, quick-turn-around logos
  • Logo generator engines that create an image based on a few questions
  • Freelancer marketplaces that require understanding the platform before getting to their directory
  • Template-based logos from websites that can’t guarantee authenticity, including Canva

What do you do? Stick to your understanding that a custom logo is what you are looking for. For more on why that is, here’s a snapshot from the Seller Keys, Lift-off with a logo section:

“Your logo is what customers hold onto before they enter into a contract, and is a visual mark of their connection with you once they do. Regardless of what you sell, a logo should be recognizable, memorable, and unique.”

Here’s how you can use the internet to get a custom logo without drowning:

Use the suggestions below, replacing the brackets with the terms that are relevant to you:

What to Search For

  • Logo designer + [Location – yours or a specific region of your choice]
  • Identity system + graphic designer + [Relevant Region]
  • Logo design portfolio + logo designer + [Relevant Region]
  • Brand Identity + Designer + [Region]
  • Logo design company + [Region]
  • Branding company [Region]
  • Graphic design companies in [Region]

Additional Online Tips for Finding Logo Designers

  • If you have a professional network on LinkedIn, message your network or post publicly that you are searching for recommendations.
  • Use Facebook or Instagram and search for #logodesigner and #yourlocation.

What to Look For
Once you have a few websites for logo designers, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. Look at the design portfolio
  2. Read their about page
  3. Schedule a free consultation to get a feel for your logo designer’s demeanor and process
  4. For the designer you choose to work with, request a contract and ask how to begin

At Ricecmd, we want to help you move to the next step of your new business. Go make a difference, embrace your independence, and celebrate each milestone. Good luck and carry on!

Are You Really Going to Charge For That?

Facing the Inevitable Task of Charging for What You’d Do For Free

I’d like to share with you a common reason why some people who bring massive value to others, end up not helping the masses of people they actually could. If you are someone who has been questioning what to charge or how to charge for something you would do for free, keep reading!

When you start to consider a monetary request for your services, it can trigger a wide range of critics depending on your upbringing, social circle, or life experiences. What it often sounds like however, is along the lines of “how can I charge for something I would do for free?”

To save you some time and cut to the chase, how you do that is you set a price, post it online or wherever you keep your product/service inventory, and let it be.

This is usually where your inner critic reminds you everyone will be asking “are you really going to charge that?” Here’s a secret: likely, this will not be a question on the side of your client. If you’ve written your offer descriptions accurately and highlighted what it possible for them as a result of working with you, they will want to know 1. What is Included? (also sounds like “why is the charge what it is”) and 2. How can I find a way to pay the price and get to work”?

It’s important to be able to answer for yourself why you are charging what you are. There are several scenarios where services are $150/hr or $5,000 for a package of services. So, when your inner voice pops up and asks “are you really charging that?” Be sure you can answer “why yes, yes I am! Here’s why…”

Three pricing suggestions:
1. Find three others in your field with similar services as you (LinkedIn is a great place to start). Remember, you may just be starting to charge for your services but have many more years of experience than someone in business 10 years so be sure not to use their posted year of business establishment as a marker.

2. Those who are concerned about charging for their help usually want to help everyone. While you can’t really, consider an a-la-cart option and a fee for a package of services.

3. Consider if you want to have conversations with all the people or, create transformation. Realistically if you are a solopreneur it’s just you! Considering what you need to keep your business afloat and how many people you can create transformation for without burning out, is essential.

Remember, you can offer to charge for your services or, you can offer them for free. The decision to have a business doing what you’re doing is your decision entirely! If you do decide you want to quit your day job and start serving more people full-time, you must set a price for your services. When you know why you’re charging what you are, it can make a big difference. Now go start that business!

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