¬†Getting traffic to your trade show booth goes beyond sending the invitation. What’s in it for them? Why should a person or company make the effort to push past the crowds just for you? These are the questions and more, that you should be asking yourself.

Regardless of your event type, these simple action steps are easy and effective:

  1. Follow up the initial invite with a series of communications to build awareness around your services
  2. Offer an incentive such as a raffle or plan to present new training on an existing product
  3. Make use of their time by scheduling time with a rep or specialist you’ll have on-site
  4. Use all of your social media platforms to announce and remind people of your event. Show excitement!
  5. Have the BEST free merchandise that becomes the talk of the entire show

As a vendor trade show events are great for visibility, closing deals, or building your network lists. When you are clear about what kind of experience you want your audience to have, it will be easier for you to know what your communications include and what the take away will be.

Treat your trade show like any of your products or services. Create an insatiable offer they are not going to want to miss. To do that, make a list of the primary three benefits anyone who shows up would receive. Build your promotional messaging from that list. One your take away is clear, get online and get excited about it! Schedule social media posts and blog about the event, takeaways, teasers, and treats your booth guests are in for. These should coincide with your email and direct mail marketing.

When you start planning your raffle and free merchandise, it’s recommended these both tie in to your primary takeaway. Random promotional merchandise or experiences are quickly forgotten. For optimal impact, create a consistent experience. The more you can tie the resource to your brand and your why, the better. Consistency will help you stand out.

In addition to the actual experience your audience will have, when you’re creating your marketing lists be sure you aren’t wasting resources on expired leads.

Don’t waste time trying to influence someone who isn’t interested or the event isn’t right for.

These steps will hopefully help focus your efforts towards a well attended event!