It is very easy for a brand image to become inconsistent. Inconsistency is the last thing anyone wants for their brand as it decreases customer recognition. Protecting visual elements and messaging should be a priority for any entrepreneur and marketing team.

What happens in larger organizations or, when you have multiple vendors, is that your color codes, fonts, and styles can quickly become muddled by those who either aren’t aware of the guides or, unaware of their importance. Even the slightest variation in a logo shape, colors, and fonts is noticeable and should be avoided.

Show up, stay consistent, and make sure your team does too.

Within your organization especially, whenever you have departments preparing communications, it’s important to inform them of the guides your brand uses. Not everyone knows to look and, most are unaware of the delicacy a brand identity is. Personal bias can lead to quick, emotional decisions in any department—even marketing—which can have detrimental affects on branding efforts.

Influence your team by defending your brand’s visual attributes. When you educate your group and vendors on the importance of keeping visuals consistent and tell them where to find these guides, you’re protecting the integrity of your brand.

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Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels