For anyone in a project management or project lead role, you know how important a smooth system is. The more you can stay organized, the more energy you will conserve and avoid burnout.

If you find that you go through periods of time when you don’t use your tools, you aren’t alone. This doesn’t mean the project management system has failed, it just means it’s time to step back and re-organized. Using the same system, you may just need to tighten up your habits.

It’s so easy to get lost in the day. You get pulled on a call, held up in an unplanned meeting, you get kicked off your computer because the IT department runs an update. Things happen.

Give yourself the time you need.

The best tool you can use to catch bad habits or daily distractions, is time on your calendar. Block out time every month for your file a project management clean up. Use this time to analyze why your files got out of hand, and see if any improvements can be made. When your calendar reminder pops up, don’t snooze.

When you are feeling overwhelm and experiencing doubt, first, load this video by the Rolling Stones: Time is On My Side. While you’re letting your hair down and rocking it, start scheduling your project management, management.

My favorite part about these organizational tasks is the sudden absence of clutter. I can access resources quickly and return to what I know my flow can be. Rather than being bogged down by thoughts of  “I really should do something about that,” it just gets done.

If you realize your current tools aren’t working for you, here are a few very different PM tools I recommend looking at: SmartSheet, Bitrix24, Basecamp, Trello and Airtable. What works best for you depends on your work habits, business structure, and needs.

Good luck! File restructuring is a big process for any internal team. I have assisted on numerous database and file structure re-orgs. If I can be of assistance to your team please reach out. Your productivity and efficiency can only improve through taking time to get and stay organized.

Photo by from Pexels