A couple years ago I had the wonderful opportunity of staying at the Halekulani Hotel in Hawaii—hospitality at its finest.

There is nothing this hotel has not considered when it comes to assuring a positive experience for guests. Brand elements and elevated guest experience at this luxury hotel are at the forefront of the daily operations. Touch points were neatly and appropriately placed. The expression of authentic gratitude—akin to Japanese culture—was refreshing. The architectural elements, obviously feng shui, aided relaxation.

Hospitality brands stay top-of-mind by tapping into what makes their guests feel welcomed and special. This is the essence of the word, hospitality. My first experience of this was in the 90’s at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton. I will always remember the feeling I had of walking into the room to find a warm cooking and greeting on the bed. All memorable luxury hotel stays usually are related to some sort of personal touch.

At the Halekulani they coordinate a series of small functional gifts for their guests, all with a personal message. These tokens of appreciation are still with me today, and are a sign of a successful promotion. I obviously kept the memory of my warm chocolate chip cookie from DoubleTree. While these promotions take more resources to coordinate, the effort is returned by guests who then have memorable experiences and come back.

Give your customers an experience so great, they couldn’t imagine staying anywhere else.

If you are looking for ways to establish an elevated experience for the guests of your hospitality brand, let Rice CMD help. We can coordinate a complete personalized experience through promotions and messaging that lets your guests know you care.

Photo © Diana Donaldson