Content marketing has grown with an increase in purpose-driven marketing. This movement connects companies with their “why.”  We all know the power of word of mouth. Content marketing develops stories out of testimonials. You don’t see stories in numbers, but stories bring an exceptional ROI.

Whether it’s shoes, vitamins, or energy medicine – products and services help people.

It’s easy to get swept away by directives and sales goals, letting fear of falling numbers cloud your thinking. Stories of transformation happen daily however. Your products and services are helping people. When you build content around why that is, you connect people and cause disruption.

My first experience working with a company that was using customer stories actively in their marketing plan was Hammer Nutrition. For years they’ve been published inspirational stories highlighting race stories, fueling strategies, and incredible sports rehab. Listening to these stories first hand, lead me to become loyal to the brand. These stories inspired me to run more, and I was able to because of their great products.

REI also knows the power of emphasizing member stories. As a result, more and more people are opting outdoors. They see others doing it, and receive not only success stories but how-to’s direct from the brand. Then there’s Fitbit. And Apple. These technology products change peoples lives. It’s easy to influence customers when your brand’s life changing stories are out in the open.

Companies that listen to their customers will do better at content marketing. Companies that have a content marketing strategy that’s dialed in and honest, have the power to influence and secure a movement. Regardless of what product or service it is, inspire others.

You never know who out there needs to hear your message.

Connect through Rice Content Marketing and Design. Let’s turn the stories your products naturally create, into opportunities for growth. I can’t think of a company or vertical content marketing wouldn’t benefit.

May you be inspired by what you do.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels