If you’re considering an opportunity to order promotional merchandise for your company, the answer is yes.

13 years ago I would not make such claims. I use to associate promotional merchandise with waste. I learned as a marketing coordinator that my early judgements were quite limiting. As a practical marketer, it’s important to me to always have a strong “why” with any promotion, campaign, visual, or merchandising decision. I also, always consider the waste-factor in merchandising opportunities. There is power in a brand identifying customer needs, wants, and how you can consciously, ethically, and without breaking the budget, deliver.

Visibility applies to all companies, regardless of size.

If nothing else, get pens. Anyone who has done any similar work as a coordinator or in marketing, knows something about pens. Everyone loves a good pen, and they always disappear too quickly. On that note, if you are looking for pens, I have found a couple resources for eco pens here.

What promotional merchandise does for your employees:

  • Helps them feel a part of something
  • Encourages a team-like atmosphere
  • Builds trust
  • Establishes 6 degrees of brand awareness

What promotional merchandise does for consumers:

  • Supports brand awareness
  • Influences purchasing behavior
  • Increases consumer connection to the brand
  • Promotes trust
  • FREE advertising

If those reasons aren’t enough, I can’t think of anything more important. Once you start seeing your logo on merchandise, my guess is that you’ll be hooked. Let’s get started.