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Rice CMD Helps You Promote Your Business, So You Can Positively Impact Your Customers’ Lives

We live in a time when resources are readily available to anyone who wants to start or grow a business. There are more design tools than ever before, and thousands of how-to blogs and courses. Still, self-promotion is one of the hardest tasks for most new business owners. Marketing performs better when you trust in the process and hold a deep belief in what you’re doing. You also need deep awareness of who your customers are. At Rice you’ll find guidance to reach your personal, technical, and strategic goals. Learn how to be visible and promote your business so that you can go on to change people’s lives by what you do.

The Rice Mission

To help first-time business owners through branding and marketing so that they can reach customers, grow their business and do more of what they love.

 Available Resources

e-Learning Programs for Business Identity and Promotion

Rather than focusing on an extensive library of resources, here you’ll find the top three lessons you need to learn in order to build confidence in your business identity and begin promoting strategically. Each webinar-based program includes lectures and a comprehensive workbook. You’ll get steps you need to take, and strategies you can readily put in place.

Mindset for Business Owners

Mindset is a major force behind your accepting or denying a leadership role in your business. Even if you’re sure you can’t promote your business, with mindset you can turn that around and begin broadcasting your messages passionately. Mindset resources are included in each training and the library of resources is set to increase by Spring 2021.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching sessions are offered throughout the year to help strengthen your ability to stay focused, do the work, move past perfection, and follow through on your promise to yourself and customers, to show up every step of the way. To inquire about coaching opportunities please email

 Origin Story

Rice Content Marketing and Design was born 2019, following a journey of entrepreneurship that began in the early 1990’s. I want everyone who has a dream of their own, to be equipped and feel empowered to make it happen.

Rice is the culmination of my own love for learning, and awareness that business owners often get off-course by assuming they need to become marketing experts before they spread their message. This is not the case! That’s why you’ll only find three primary courses here at any time.

 Unintentionally, the letters in Rice correspond to the outcomes I hope for you: to Reach, Impact, Captivate and Engage, your customers. Rice was named however after the essential grain, grown in an environment of prolific growth and diverse community. Get what you need for your business to flourish and grow.

Wherever you are on your path, it’s OK. You’ll never be judged here for taking longer than others to get through any of your startup, promotion, or launch processes. I will push you to trust your intuition, not cut corners, do the work, follow through, and keep moving past perfectionism to achieve your goals.

You can promote your business and promote your products. Rice CMD is here to help you do both. 

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Rice CMD provides Content Marketing and Design for First-Time Business Owners and Solopreneurs. This site is managed out of Whitefish, Montana USA. For assistance please email: Or call: (406) 890-0966.