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Reach Your Customers Training

Get Your Business in Front of Your Customers

The small business marketing trainings from RICE CMD help you learn how to get your business and products in front of your customers. Explore the resources, below.

 Broadcast Your Message to the Right People

The Marketing Trainings and Mindset for Business Owners Resources Are a Collection of Audio-Visual Instruction, Step-By-Step Guides, Printables, and Tech Tips Designed to Help Soloprenuers and Small Business Owners Like You:

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Reach Customers

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Grow Your Business

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Do What You Love

First Time Doing Your Own Marketing? Welcome!

This as a safe space for beginners and those who’ve been struggling for years, who want to reach more customers, get more organized, learn how to develop a marketing campaign, and how to create impact in customers’ lives. Learn simple strategies to create and publish promotions, become acquainted with available systems that can make your job easier. Start wherever you are, in whatever industry you may be in. These resources are here to help you embrace your role and actually enjoy opportunities to spread your message.

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Registration Closes December 5, 2020!

✔ Discover your customers
✔ Paste together a marketing campaign
✔ Break free from mindset barriers
✔ And more!

Marketing Is The #1 Most Avoided Business Task For Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs

You’re in good company if you’ve ever been held back by these debilitating thoughts:

“I lack the skills to create, plan and publish print or digital promotions for my business.”

“I’m easily prone to doubt over the content or design ideas I  come up with.”

“I’m often concerned about sounding phony or over-selling my offers.”

“There are already too many others doing the same thing in my market, it’s saturated-now what?”

These thought-barriers can be beat through skills training and a shift in mindset.

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2020-2021 Training Schedule

Trainings cover topics in marketing campaign development, content marketing, and visual brand design. You can sign-up during open registration which typically lasts 1-2 weeks. For select trainings, you will receive access to a Live Kickoff where you can join others for an orientation to the materials.

Next Live Kickoff: December 6, 2020

Choosing The Right Logo For Your New Business

Available: December 3, 2020 (No Live Kickoff)

Next Live Kickoff: January 3, 2021

 Diana Donaldson, Founder of RICE CMD

Reach / Impact / Captivate / Engage

RICE CMD provides solopreneurs and small business owners a welcoming online environment to learn how to reach customers. I’ve been working with small businesses owners for the last 14 years and  self-promotion stalls most. I want to help you break through the “how-to” and “mindset” barriers so you can experience more comfort and confidence broadcasting your message. The success of these resources is determined by joyous achievement, harmonious promotion, and your ability to do more of what you love! Read more


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Diana considers not only the artistic nature of your project but how it will draw customers or prospects to your brand. The timelessness of a design is important, as well as its colors, and associated call to action or motto, all of this is carefully considered.
-Lisa Levdansky, Owner, Iron Hawk CrossFit

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Diana truly has a passion for what she does and it comes through in her attention to even the smallest detail.

Explore resources from RICE Content Marketing & Design:

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