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WAIT….Are You Starting a New Business???

Have you established your identity yet? How is promotion going? View available resources to help you take-hold of these essential new business steps on your own, so you can keep moving forward.

 Marketing Support For First-Time Business Owners

This is a safe space for anyone starting a business (or running one now) who wants to find a better way to approach their marketing. RICE tutorials guide you through the three primary areas of startup: business identity, promotion, and ongoing engagement. You are unique and your passion for what you’re selling makes you the best person to promote it! First, you must know the basics including how to create a magnetic first impression and how to plan, create, and publish simple, effective promotions.

 Available Resources:

Sample for How to Get a Logo for Your Business

 How to Get a Logo for Your Business

Slide-deck – Available Now

✔ Why your logo matters
✔ How to find an expert
✔ Making the final decision

Business Identity

Sample Image for Reach Your Customers Training

 How to Reach Your Customers

Webinar – Waitlist Open

✔ Clarify your message
✔ Know your customer
✔ Learn how to market your business and products

Business Promotion

don't just promote inspire sample

Don’t Just Promote, Inspire

Webinar – Waitlist Open

✔ How to write basic ad copy
✔ Speak to your customers
✔ Lead your customers to life-changing opportunities

Customer Engagement

As someone brand new to starting a business, this is helpful advice. Very informative. Sections were not overwhelming and stayed true to what was expected. – How to Get a Logo for Your Business

Joe S.

Product Developer

Who Benefits from These Trainings?

✔ New business owners  ✔ First-time entrepreneurs  ✔ Solopreneurs

Stand Strong in Your Industry + Help People Find You

– Learn how to establish a visual identity for your company and why it matters

– Learn how to move past perfection and effectively plan, create, and publish ongoing promotions

– Learn how to stand at the head of a crowd, and inspire your audience

You can succeed doing what you love.

stop avoiding marketing find joy spreading your message

2020-2021 Small Business Marketing Training Schedule

Trainings cover topics in business identity including logo design, graphics and styles, promotion: how to create a marketing plan and all the print/digital components even without previous marketing experience, and engagement: how to confidently engage customers through content that inspires. Rolling registration provided and a live kickoff orientation is held for members of each webinar-based training. Hope to see you there!

Registration closed, waitlist open

Registration closed, waitlist open

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Diana Donaldson, Founder, RICE CMD

RICE CMD provides solopreneurs and small business owners a welcoming online environment to learn how to approach marketing your small business. I’ve been working with small businesses owners for the last 14 years and self-promotion trips up most. I want to help you break through the "how-to" and "mindset" barriers so you can experience more comfort and confidence broadcasting your message. The success of these resources is determined by your joyous achievement, harmonious promotion, and your ability to do more of what you love! Read more


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