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What exactly is content marketing and how do you apply it?

Content marketing is the use of strategic audio and visual elements to elevate your print and digital touch points—email, social media, digital advertising, your website—to establish leads, engage and encourage sales.

To apply content marketing to your business, you have to have a strong understanding of your brand. Knowing your purpose, products, and benefits to your customers will help you create ongoing content flow. You know when your content is aligned with your brand because you can speak about it, post about it, promote it for days on-end.

If there’s any ONE takeaway you leave with, it’s understanding the importance of creating content that is consistent:

✓ Consistent visual stories build trust

✓ Consistent messaging improves engagement

✓ Consistent promotions lead to more sales

✓ Consistent identity creates awareness

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Creating Results Through Strong Brand Development

Brand Design and Consistent Content Matter

Client, IronHawk CrossFit is a thriving startup that knows first-hand, being attentive to your branding serves your business and your customers. Together we developed their logo, website, and startup promotions. Through understanding their brand, they’ve been able to engage their audience. Visit Site

Client, Perfect Cuts is a long-standing retail and wholesale meat shop that understands the importance of consistent customer experiences. Recently we carried this concept to their company identity. Rice Content Marketing and Design developed this new identity design that ties in their community-focused approach. They already do an excellent job of keeping social media content engaging and in-line with their voice. Now, their visual story is in-line with their mission and is paying off.

Client, ReddiForm LLC was struggling to gain traffic to his website. What we discovered was that the content on his site was not working in his favor. Through a complete overhaul of the design and clarifying the customer benefits his website is now securely in-line with his brand.  After alerting search engines to these changes, he saw an increase in traffic in a very short time frame. Visit Site

 Become a Self-Sufficient Leader of Your Brand by Learning the Techniques I’ve Used With Businesses Just Like Yours:

Meet Your Brand Strategist

Diana Donaldson is founder and sole-operator at Rice Content Marketing and Design. She has worked with businesses for the last 13 years to develop strategic, branded content for improving brand visibility and creating ongoing customer relationships.  Whether it’s creating the custom graphics or targeted copy you need or, helping you learn how to create branding strategies that make your job easier and more effective, Diana is here to help. She’s also here to help you become self sufficient in the content marketing and design that will help your business grow. To access current resources please visit our new library at Rice CMD On Demand.

With the right tools, accountability, and resources, Diana believes anyone can learn to create the branding strategies their company needs to grow. | Facebook | Twitter
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